Pay Per Click

Increase sales and generate more leads by attracting the right visitors to your website

What is PPC?

PPC is an abbreviation for pay-per-click. This mode of marketing is also known as cost-per-click. It is a model for advertisement for the internet. It is mainly used to direct some traffic to a different website and as the name suggests, the advertiser has to pay the publisher a certain amount every time someone clicks on the ad.

Features of PPC:

  • Direct relevant traffic: The people who click on the ads are genuinely interested, hence relevant.
  • Generating better leads: Because the traffic is relevant, the leads generated will be of a higher quality.
  • Decide your budget: You can set your own price for each click depending on the estimated number of clicks.

PPC with Conceptial Media

At Conceptial media, we have a well built team which is capable of handing sophisticated PPC campaigns. We will keep a regular activity on your accounts as that is essential for the effectiveness of the campaign. The following points are important for the optimization of the campaigns:

Addition of certain keywords: Adding certain words which are more relevant to the products and services you offer is essential to expand your campaign’s reach.
Dividing the groups of ads: By splitting the groups of ads into smaller groups which are more relevant to the audience, you can improve your quality score of the audience as well as the CTR (click-through rate). It also helps you formulate ads which are more directly targeted and land on similarly well targeted landing pages.
Reviewing the used keywords: By reviewing the keywords which you have already used in your ads, you can identify the ones which are under-performing and remove them as well.