Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is like being in Public Relations in a nutshell. Online Reputation Management in simple terms is how you manage the reputation of your website, how your website looks on the internet, the overall getup of it, what is your communication technique and what are people’s responses towards your brand or you in general.

Like for instance, different techniques and strategies can come handy when you require pushing back harmful content down the search results on your engine. This can be done by ranking your website or any third-party that has more advisable content in it. This is immensely important because it is proven that the first five search results generate almost more than two-thirds of the traffic. Online Reputation Management is more than just being a Public Relations manager of your website and promoting it, this also includes the management of all the negative feedback and reviews across the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This in turn helps you generate more positive feedback, happy clients and customers. If you keenly consider these statistics, overlooking your online presence and reputation alongside your personal reputation is a huge understatement.

The PESO model is generally used while monitoring your online reputation.

The PESO includes the four types of media

  • Paid Media
  • Earned Media
  • Social Media
  • Owned Properties

Business management is a huge task in itself, and you would have a lot on your platter, hence the nerds of Conceptial Media work their way for giving you the impeccable online presence for bringing forth a huge number of positive ratings.