Bulk Emails and SMS

Tangible results and impressive insight

Why Bulk Emails and SMS?

Once a company establishes a large consumer base, it has to cater to them in advertisements and other regular offers time to time. More often than not, these messages are something that the company has to convey to a large amount of its consumers, if not all of them. This is where the system of bulk emails and SMS comes into play.

Bulk Emails and SMS with Conceptial Media

At Conceptial media, we strive to give you the best experience possible with our services in the field of bulk SMS and emails. We offer top class personalization and high speed delivery along with a lot of other features. Some of them are:

Powerful and personalized: Our systems offer you powerful tools for the personalization of your bulk campaigns. You can personalize the names or other different fields, you can translate them into various languages, you can schedule your messages, and much more.
Speaking more: You can add media such as videos, images, documents, PDFs, and other short links in your bulk advertisement campaigns with our systems. These help you to grab the attention of your consumers. It also helps you to convey more in less characters.
Easy access to data: With our systems, we provide an easy access to all the data which shows the outreach of your campaign and its actual effectiveness. We do this by tracking the delivery reports, the metrics for the media or website, and literally any such metric which will help you gauge the success of your campaign.